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GAON High School Graduation Requirement


  • (A) Four years of Social Studies/History courses 

  • including: one year of World History, one year of US History, half year of Economics, and half year of Government, and Jewish History

  • (B) Four years of English Language Arts 

  • [C} Four years of mathematics 

  • Including: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one other mathematics course

  • (D) Two years of lab science including: one year of Life Science (Biology) and one year of Physical Science 

  • (E) Two years of Hebrew language 

  • (F) One year of Visual/Performing Arts 

  • (G) College PreparatoryElectives 

  • Two years of Physical Education (in accordance with CA State High School diploma requirements)

  • Four years of Jewish studies courses, and a Jewish Ethnic Studies course

  • 60 hours of Service Learning (Chesed) 

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